FD9125 – 3 inch – Custom Picture Frame

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Many ways to Customize

  • Customize frame size
  • Preview and Print your photo
  • Preview your artwork
  • Multiple Mat options
  • Change Glass/Plexi option
  • Send-in your Artwork
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Custom Framing Details

Our frames have several features to make them easy to use and protect your artwork. All frames have many customization options to get exactly what you need.

This is an OpenFrame™ option, designed to easily put inside any flat like artwork or photo. It’s simple to open and close securely with our FlexStay closures. For framing Canvas based artwork you can easily customize this frame for a canvas. [use_canvas]

An OpenFrame™ is not closed and sealed, simply re-open the frame and easily change your artwork anytime. You can also have our picture framer professionally close and seal the the frame with our photo printing or mail-in service.


Included with this frame is our durable Foam Core Backing. This backing is great for mounting your art and photos to keep them from moving, wrinkling and warping over time. The foam core backing is of conservation grade material and will not fade your photos or degrade your artwork over time.


To protect your art Standard Framer’s Glass™ covers your artwork protecting it from dust, fingerprints and daily wear. For added protection against UV Sunlight, reduce reflective light, or your want shatterproof Plexiglass customize the glass option. fshp_frame_glass_option output

Ready To Hang

This frames ships ready to hang at the specified size, and comes with all the necessary hardware, such as picture frame hooks and nails. If you want to hang it differently change the size to the measurement you want.

How To Customize

Custom Size

Our frames can be custom made to any size. For a standard size choose your right size from the list. If your artwork is a non-standard size you can customize the size down to the 1/8 of an inch. fshp_frame_enter_custom_size output


You can add up to 3 mats and any combination of our more than 300 mat colors. All our mats are acid-free and save to use with most artwork and photos. fshp_frame_add_mat output

Mail in your Art

If you want a one of our custom framers to professionally frame your art you can mail-in your artwork. Professionally finishing your frame saves time and gives you added benefit and extra protection from dust and other environmental factors. _fshp_frame_mail_in_option output

Upload and Print your digital photos

Upload your digital photos from your smartphone or hard drive and have them professionally printed, mounted and finish them in this frame. [fshp_frame_upload_photo]

About our Expert Picture Framers

Our custom frames are made by highly skilled Craftsmen. We have a passion for creating fine quality products, so we take the utmost care at every step of the custom picture framing process to give you a finished product of the highest quality.

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